Share your story

Life with MS can be hard enough without having to deal with the effects of COVID-19. 

We'd like to hear your thoughts on living with MS in the pandemic so we can continue to understand the issues our community is facing. Could you share your story in the press, on our blog or Instagram? We need you to tell us:

  • are you currently shielding?
  • what impact is the current lockdown having on you?
  • are you able to access food and essentials easily?
  • have your MS treatments and services been disrupted by the pandemic?
  • have you been able to access the vaccine yet?
  • has there been an impact on your costs and finances?
  • what's helped you most? If we've helped you on the phone or online we'd love to know!

Whatever you choose to write about, thank you for sharing it with us. We can't reply to everyone, but every story helps.


Jenny smiling up from the floor with a yellow hairband

Parenting, MS and staying at home

Us MSers often know what it is like to miss out on social occasions. But to suddenly be told that we have to stay in, either by social distancing or by completely self-isolating, due to COVID-19, is a whole other ball game.

As parents also have to contend with school and nursery closures and keeping our children contented and busy - at a time when we perhaps need to give ourselves a bit of extra attention. So, how do we manage our MS when we have to stay at home? How do we stay as well as we can and support our mental health? And how can we do all this while parenting like a boss?

Martin wearing a yellow top and glasses smiling to camera

Self isolation? Bought the T shirt

The current COVID-19 outbreak is making social distancing and self-isolation a way of life. And it has given me cause to remember and realise that life could be a whole lot worse.

Without question, coronavirus has levelled the playing field between us and them: MSers and non MSers. All of us now have equality in restricted movement and social contact which gives us a head start.

Because of MS, some of us are stronger for having been in an isolated situation longer. It gives us the edge as they struggle to adapt to our world.