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Siponimod, the first oral treatment licensed for active secondary progressive MS, has been initially rejected for use in England and Wales.

We need decision makers to appreciate the life-changing impact siponimod could have for thousands of people with MS, today and in the future.

Share why siponimod would make a difference to your life, and why NICE should change their decision. We'll use your stories in our consultation response, to show the importance of this treatment to people with secondary progressive MS.

We'd like to hear from people who...

  • Live with active secondary progressive MS (active secondary progressive MS means you experience relapses, or have evidence of inflammatory activity on MRI scans)
  • Are currently receiving treatment for secondary progressive MS and would prefer treatment in tablet form, rather than an injection

Steve, living with secondary progressive MS

I've now got to a point where I need a walking stick just to get around the house. You realise it's getting more and more, worse and worse. If there was anything I could do to stop my disability progressing I'd try it, and as far as I can see this drug is the only hope we have.

Carina, cares for her husband with secondary progressive MS

People with SPMS just don't have the options and that's why it's important to get this one through. A tablet is much more convenient. You have to give so much more thought and preparation with an injectable treatment. They're difficult if you can't use your hands well, which lots of people with MS struggle with.